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Elanna Tryon, LPC, LAC

feeling stuck?

Do you feel stuck, like you’re not living the life you want, or unable to fully be you?


Do you feel like something in the past or even something inside you is getting in the way?


Do you feel like you’re in the dark searching for light, for hope, but are unable to see or find it?

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you're not alone...

These are all common ways many feel when contemplating therapy. People begin working with me when they are feeling pain as a result of difficult past experiences or current stressful situations.


Since 2008, I’ve worked with numerous individuals to help them connect to themselves, to heal, to reach the life they desire, to feel authentic and whole. But most importantly, I’ve helped people find hope, a light, a reason to engage and fully participate in this life.

About Section

working with me

 I use the modes of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) to help build skills to improve communication, to understand emotions more fully, and to connect with a sense of hope despite difficult circumstances. I use EMDR to help people reprocess trauma that’s impacting their ability to move forward and manage addiction or substance misuse.

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No matter what mode I use, ultimately, I focus on connecting with the person to validate their experience, explore and reveal their unique strengths, to build skills, and feel hope.

about me

I’ve had a passion for psychology since my undergrad. I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and I enjoy learning about the human experience and what makes us “tick.”  I love data and research but the desire to  connect to others led me to become a therapist.  I’m grateful to work in a field that allows me to see the progress, development, and healing people can experience despite significant challenges.  I partner with you to find your light through the darkness to illuminate your most authentic and whole self. 

  I want my clients to feel heard, validated, and supported. In each session, I acknowledge and blend the importance of listening with developing tools to improve your experience immediately.

I've worked with the LGBTQIA+ population and folks living with HIV for the past 13 years. I strive to create a brave space to share and explore as well as continue to educate myself on current climates and resources

We all have dark times in our lives. I’m here to help you find your light.

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Mornings only

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I am credentialed with the following insurance companies: 




Oscar Health

Anthem BCBS

Foster Source

Bright Health



Friday Health




I also offer self-pay sessions for $100/session.

Stephanie Lyons, LCSW

"Elanna provides a warm, engaging, nonjudgmental, and empowering environment to facilitate healing and help her clients reclaim their lives. Furthermore, she possesses a breadth and depth of professional training (to include evidence-based treatment interventions) and experience that ensures positive outcomes for clients experiencing a wide range of challenges
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